We believe that everybody wants to live and work in beautifully decorated rooms.  We support home decoration manufacturers and retailers to sell their products in style. We combine State of the Art Marketplace & 3D Technology to create an inspiring and unique end consumer experience.

How do we do this?

We create stylish and inspiring 3D Content (models, pictures & virtual tours), which is used to sell home decoration products via a Marketplace/Content Platform and we are developing a “virtual decorator”, which incorporates Gaming Technology, AR & AI/ML to make our 3D content interactive, so that end consumer can experience all products in their own home.

We are looking for investors to support the next stage of our development.

We are more than happy to send you our Pitch Deck on request.

Meet our international team

In the future, every piece of furniture will have a digital twin. Our mission is to help you realise this future quicker. We offer our services in 8 languages – English, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Croatian, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Isabel Acosta
Isabel AcostaDesign
“Challenges are not a problem, but a door to new creations.”
David Hussey
David HusseyCEO & Founder
“I want to give everyone the chance to present their products optimally and future-proof.”
Trang Nguyen
Trang NguyenHead of Design & Content
“Solving problems is my passion. My creativity and my team deliver the solutions. “
Derek Carroll
Derek CarrollCTO & Co-Founder
“We utilize the latest 3D technology to revolutionize the way we decorate rooms.”
Viktoria Darjuga
Viktoria DarjugaDesign
“My clients do not only receive intertior solutions, i also deliver personality and magic.”
Leon Wiersch
Leon WierschDesign
“The best way to predict the future, is to be a part of it.”
Tim Eumes
Tim EumesOnline Marketing
“The future will be digital. There will be a digital twin for every product.”
Katharina Kühne
Katharina KühneOnline Marketing
“Nothing is as constant as change.”
Alexandra Michels
Alexandra MichelsDesign & Community
“Design is thinking made visual.”
Robert Krupa
Robert Krupa3D-Design
“I bring your idea into the 3rd dimension.”
Peter Godulla
Peter GodullaCMO & Co-Founder
“The future is digital and we’re helping with digitization.”
Deniz Talya Uzun
Deniz Talya UzunArchitectural Design
“My secret weapons: endless imagination and professional composure.”
Shuji Takagi
Shuji TakagiDesign
“Linking details with logic and aesthetics is my greatest strength.”
Klaudija Paunovic
Klaudija PaunovicWebdesign
“Being creative, having fun and acting out talents – that’s a natural part of Davea.”
Show us your talent!
Show us your talent!
Write us and let us know why you want to work for Davea.